About Me

meI’m a 32-year-old female and the older I get, the more I think about my life. Cliché, I know. But seriously, who doesn’t ask themselves, “Is this what I’m supposed to do in life,” or even cringe at the question… “Am I really happy?”

I wake up every Monday through Friday and head to my 9-5 desk job. Every time that dreaded alarm sounds, I think to myself, “Is it Friday yet?” I am an individual who simply works for the weekend. But not any more! I recently decided that I want to follow my dream…

Growing up I was always mesmerized by fashion, hair, and makeup.. and I still am! It took a lot of thought, but I made the big decision to attend Cosmetology School (at night. I’m still working full-time throughout the days. Have to pay the bills some how!). I started in August 2012 and I am loving every minute!

LOVE, sharon is a blog that reflects all the things that I love—food , fashion, and having fun—what this girl eats, sleeps, and breathes.

Hope you enjoy reading!


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