Home Sweet Home

It’s a given that I love all things fashion, but I also love interior design. I appreciate a well decorated, cozy living space. Whether its curtains, an area rug, or just a few bold, colored pieces, its amazing how sometimes the smallest accents can make a big difference.

Here are a few things that I wouldn’t mind having for my house!

Bedding from West ElmLamp available at Overstock

Bedding from West Elm
Lamp available at Overstock

My bedroom currently consists of the above West Elm duvet, but I own it in a different color (sea spray). I love the duvet, but I don’t love the current color with my bedroom color palette (teal, gray, and white). I would love to swap the current duvet for the above slate color. I think the teal with the dark gray would be very rich but the white furniture in the room would balance it out perfectly.

Also, I love the modern feel of the Overstock lamp pictured above. It’s simple yet very chic.  I’ll take two =)

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

All of the above available at Anthropologie

I love the vintage vibe of the Anthropologie measuring spoons and bowls. They are too pretty to be tucked away in a cabinet. They are great display pieces and the perfect pop of color for a kitchen.

I also have the above hand soap and am obsessed. The smell (lemon tarragon) is amazing!

Curtains available at Crate and Barrel

Curtains available at Crate and Barrel

I have been searching high and low for yellow curtains for my dining room. I don’t want a floral pattern and I don’t want the yellow to be over powering. I love the pattern and subtle color in the above Crate and Barrel curtains! Need them!




Closet Makeover

This past weekend, I spent my Sunday organizing. Most of my efforts were focused on my closet. As I explained in my last post, my closet isn’t the biggest, so every little nook and cranny is space needed.
I realized the key to organizing a small closet is maximizing storage space. In my case I did this by using hanging garment storage: two hanging sweater bags (similar here and here), one shoe organizer (I bought mine at Home Goods. Similar one here), and one multi use hanger for my scarves. For more on my scarf organization, see my last post.

Side by side hanging sweater bags. I used mine to store jeans, sweaters, and handbags.

Right side of closet

Hanging shoe organizer (showing one side as it hangs in my closet)

I took the shoe organizer out of the closet so you could get a full visual. (Organizer is double sided)

Other helpful tips:

First and foremost, get rid of anything you haven’t worn or won’t wear. I had three piles: Keep, Trash, and Donate. It is also helpful, to try things on. Be brutally honest with yourself. If it hasn’t fit in over a year… donate it. I also used the scenario of running into someone I haven’t seen in years. If I would be self-conscious running into them wearing that particular article of clothing… I got rid of it!

Organize by the type of apparel. For example all of my dresses are together, my blazers together, blouses, etc. Also, within your sections it often helps to color code your clothes. By putting all pinks with pink and blacks with black it helps you to visually see what you have. For example, after color coding my sweaters, I quickly realized I do not need to buy another black sweater for a very long time! I have an entire shelf of just black sweaters!

I tend to keep my shoes in their shoe boxes, mainly because its easier to store. If you keep your shoe boxes, be sure that each box is labeled. This way you can have a clear view of what you have or what you may need.

What tips and tricks do you use to organize your closet?

Closet Makeover: Step 1 – Organize Scarves

In our bedroom, I have completely taken over the closet. And if you saw the size of our closet, you would realize that that is an easy thing to do. Our “walk-in” closet is teeny tiny. I can literally walk-in to the closet and walk out… there is no room to move about. So needless to say, every little bit of space I can utilize, counts!

I love scarves. I wear them all year round. Right now, I have all of my scarves shoved into one of the shelves in my hanging sweater storage. Because some of the scarves are easily lost behind others, I tend to grab the ones in the front; therefore, wearing the same ones over and over.

While browsing IKEA the other day, I stumbled upon their multi-use hanger. I thought what a great way to display all of my scarves. Problem SOLVED!

Stay tuned for more closet makeover pictures!


Head of the table

In my latest dining room post, you may have noticed that I went from a small rug (5×8) to a much larger area rug (8×10). After moving the chairs around, it felt as if something was missing in the room. After going through endless furniture magazines and pins on Pinterest, I went back to my trusty inspirational photo.

I needed something at the head of the table… and an upholstered chair did just the trick!
I loved the clean simplicity of the white covers, but it lacked that little bit of color I was craving.
Awhile back, W bought me cloth napkins from HomeGoods. I have yet to use them, but have been dying to host a dinner party so I could.  However, it’s not fun only using them once in a blue moon. So my idea of turning them into pillows was created… and Viola!
Deep LOVE!

Just when you think a project is complete

I love my dining room rug, but I just don’t like it in my dining room. The rug is too small for the table. When you sit at the table the front legs of the chair are on the rug and the back legs are on the hardwood. It can make for a wobbly meal!

I didn’t want to get rid of the dining room rug, so I thought I’d see what it looked like in the living room (aka tv room). I love it! It makes the room more inviting while adding more color and warmth to the room.
There was only one problem about moving the rug to the living room, now my dining room feels cold and bare!
I have been eyeing up this rug at Crate and Barrel, but with the new plans for my dining room (more on that later), I simply couldn’t afford it. So I quickly hopped on Overstock.com and up popped this beauty! It arrived 5 days later and I am loving it!
Now… it seems as if I have more room for chairs at the table! … to be continued.

Pleasant Surprise!

It’s been almost a year since W and I moved in our little house together. Over the course of the year, I have enjoyed seeing what flowers and trees bloom in our yard. When I first saw these plants growing on the side of my house, I immediately thought weeds. But I decided to wait and see.

You can imagine how surprised I was when my so-called “weeds” bloomed into one of my favorite flowers…. peonies!

For a good month, I was able to snip a few at a time and put them in a vase in our living room for all to see.

Third Times the Charm

Our old media table just wasn’t cutting it. The tv was wider than the table and the accessories didn’t fit within the existing shelving.

Old media table (and old surround sound speakers)

W found the below table at one of the houses that he purchased to flip. It was in serious need of TLC, but the legs of the table matched my dining room and buffet tables perfectly! So W brought it home and I quickly went to work planning what I was going to do with it to spruce it up.
First, I thought maybe a nice accent color. So W and I decided on green. THAT didn’t work out as we hoped.
So we decided to fall back on a trusted brown. THAT didn’t turn out the way we hoped either.
So one day while I was admiring my new West Elm shelf, it hit me… why not use the shelf as an inspiration for the table. So I quickly darted over to Home Depot and purchased Martha Stewart’s wood grain rocker, glaze, and a can of black paint. I watched this YouTube video on how to paint a faux wood finish, then I prepped my materials, and hoped for the best!

I practiced on paper first.

I love the results!