When in Doubt… Shoes

This summer was one of the fastest. I don’t know if it’s because I am so busy with work and school or what, but whatever the reason, summer is quickly coming to an end. Which can only mean one thing… FALL!

I am trying to be very good when it comes to my finances; however, it is really hard to resist the urge for new fall clothes. I couldn’t decide what trend or piece I wanted to invest in this fall season. I love so many of the new arrivals! So I figured… when in doubt… choose SHOES!

Steve Madden was offering 20% off (currently they are offering 25% off!), so I decided to treat myself. I am loving my new shoes and I can’t wait to rock them this fall!


What new fall trends are catching your eye?




Shoe Crazy

If I had to select one article of clothing that I love above all the others, I’d have to pick shoes. Shoes are by far my favorite. I can’t get enough. Whether you are having a fat day or skinny day… shoes always fit! They can make a good outfit GREAT!

The one thing about shoes that I don’t care for are the aches and pains that may come along with a great pair. So you can imagine my sincere gratitude to Band-Aid® for creating the wonderful and amazing Band-Aid® Friction Block® Stick. I just rub it on my feet where my shoes tend to rub and it prevents blisters from forming. I use it for new and older shoes.

Here’s a peak at two new pairs of shoes I recently purchased… Can’t wait to wear them out and you better believe I’ll be bringing my Friction Block Stick HA!


Steve Madden flats from Piperlime

Ann Taylor heels