Home Sweet Home

It’s a given that I love all things fashion, but I also love interior design. I appreciate a well decorated, cozy living space. Whether its curtains, an area rug, or just a few bold, colored pieces, its amazing how sometimes the smallest accents can make a big difference.

Here are a few things that I wouldn’t mind having for my house!

Bedding from West ElmLamp available at Overstock

Bedding from West Elm
Lamp available at Overstock

My bedroom currently consists of the above West Elm duvet, but I own it in a different color (sea spray). I love the duvet, but I don’t love the current color with my bedroom color palette (teal, gray, and white). I would love to swap the current duvet for the above slate color. I think the teal with the dark gray would be very rich but the white furniture in the room would balance it out perfectly.

Also, I love the modern feel of the Overstock lamp pictured above. It’s simple yet very chic.  I’ll take two =)

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

All of the above available at Anthropologie

I love the vintage vibe of the Anthropologie measuring spoons and bowls. They are too pretty to be tucked away in a cabinet. They are great display pieces and the perfect pop of color for a kitchen.

I also have the above hand soap and am obsessed. The smell (lemon tarragon) is amazing!

Curtains available at Crate and Barrel

Curtains available at Crate and Barrel

I have been searching high and low for yellow curtains for my dining room. I don’t want a floral pattern and I don’t want the yellow to be over powering. I love the pattern and subtle color in the above Crate and Barrel curtains! Need them!